Jummah at Education City Mosque

One of the best things about living in a Muslim country is having Fridays off, and last Friday we went to pray jummah at the gorgeous Education City mosque.

Education City is home to campuses of six American universities, one British university, the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Science, and various educational institutes accommodating students from preschool to graduate level. There are classrooms, lecture halls and a university library accompanying the mosque.

I have seen nothing like it before.

Water features are at the heart of the building so whether you’re indoors or out, you can always hear their soothing sounds. The architecture and amount of attention to detail is insane! There are no words to describe the mosque’s beauty so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

[Note: This mosque provides free ipads and headsets for the khutbah to be translated into a language of your choice. The only other mosque that deliver khutbahs in English are Al Fanar mosque near the Souq and Aspire mosque outside Villagio. At ECM, you can choose to borrow an ipad if you’re not an Arabic speaker but devices are limited so try to go a little early. You may also be asked to hand over your phone in the swap so that you don’t forget to return the device.]


The view from the outdoor car park


We were driven from the car park to the entrance in a golf buggy


1B8A9838-771x514 - Edited

The two minarets facing Makkah


The view from the sister’s prayer gallery

14233847_1251869324873755_53787532_o - Edited

Gilded mehrab. 

14215633_1251869328207088_257546442_o Ground floor entrance near the university library collection


The sound of the waterfall is so soothing


Islamic calligraphy decorates the five pillars the mosque is built on


7 thoughts on “Jummah at Education City Mosque

    1. I think it is because it’s part of the university campus and the library is for all visitors. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be open for all, mosques are usuallt open to all. But maybe just avoid prayer time so that you can get nice pictures of the empty space? x

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