Salaaam and hi! Thank you for visiting my blog.

Seeking Words began as a small project to keep me going while I studied for a Masters in Literature and Creative Writing; it has since grown into something much dearer to me.

As an English teacher, I am now embarking on my second year teaching in Qatar (you can read all about my experiences here and here). As a writer, well I’m trying to complete previous projects before coming up with any more half-cooked ideas, y’know what I mean?

Seeking Words encompasses a range of topics: reflections as an expat; my thoughts on issues like religion, male privilege, culture, Islam and more; as well as some poetry and fiction. A friend recently read From the grapevine and told me that behind my ‘radiant smile lies an ocean of emotions’. By that I think she meant I write about some pretty dark stuff; I kind of agree.

Drop a comment below to let me know what you think – be sure to leave a link to your blog too!

Happy browsing!

P.s. One of my dark pieces was featured on Discover, you can check it out at Homeless daughters of a hybrid diaspora.


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    1. It was good when I was working part-time but I’ve started teaching full time and it is my final semester now, so it’s getting a little crazy in terms of workload. Are you a creative writing student too? I love your photos, I wish I had talent like that when it comes to photography:) x

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