On Writing: Finding the will to carry on

When school ended two weeks ago and I found myself with ample time to write, I envisioned myself as this super productive being who would tick everything off her To Do list while simultaneously updating her blog every third day. Instead, I found that actually, all this free time was counter productive. Apparently, I write best under pressure. When there are a billion deadlines to meet, my brain pipes up with: “Oo wait, let’s write this and that and while I’m at it let’s just spend several hours on reading up because hey, research, and watch WordPress tutorials on how to make my blog look like XYZ. I really must create a clicky button over there-ish to make it easier for my readers to blah blah blah, or I know! Let’s play around with how the site appears on a tablet vs. a mobile phone. While I’m there, how about those unfinished projects from three years ago and the essays I submitted as an undergrad seven years ago. I distinctly remember they were ah-may-zing. Maybe I could share them now.”

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Passing with DISTINCTION!



For a spouse like mine.

You took every Thursday off to drive me down to uni.

Even when it was your only day off in the whole week and even when you weren’t feeling well yourself, you would accompany me on the journey and refuse to let me drive.  Continue reading “Passing with DISTINCTION!”

The Oldham Riots: 15 years on

Let me just get this out there: it’s a really bad idea to complete a dissertation about your hometown whilst preparing to leave. It’s even worse if you already harbour a love/hate relationship with the place!

I spent the summer reading about the 2001 Oldham riots which, until now, were fuzzy recollections of newspaper stills and snippets of landscape seen through the eyes of an eleven year old. There were hushed whispers in classrooms and anxious discussions in homes. And when the NF marched in town, those weekends were spent indoors: it became an unspoken rule. Continue reading “The Oldham Riots: 15 years on”

the ‘world’ of ‘world literature’ : a presentation by zoya kubra

* Pheng Cheah, What is a World? On Postcolonial Literature as World Literature (Duke University Press, 2016) what is a world? -subordination of all global regions to GMT as point zero for time = European colonial domination of whole world. -a form of imprisonment that smothers lived local temporalities. The world calendar: based on European/Christian Gregorian calendar, […]