An expat’s thoughts on Eid

Growing up in a small family, I used to think Eid, birthdays, and special occasions should be about having as many people around you as possible. Even on normal days, I felt like a huge chunk of something was missing from my life but special occasions only compacted this belief.

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Ramadan in Qatar: a guy’s perspective

Yes I know, I know. It really is time to shake things up a little on this neglected blog of mine. So, here is something different: an interview with the most special man in my life about his experience (so far) of Ramadan in a Muslim country.

Zoya: So we’re a week into Ramadan and everything is going well, but did you have any anxiety or fears about this Ramadan?

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The Big Move to Qatar (Part 2)

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I haven’t done one of these Life in Qatar posts for a while but I figured I’ve been here long enough to write a proper update as opposed to little snippets in other posts. Dearest hubby, my editor, proof reader, and biggest fan all rolled into one, suggested I hold off until the summer but this post is long enough as it is!

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Memories of an Empire: Museum of Islamic Art

From a young age, I was always fascinated with history and I especially loved hearing stories about perished nations. That strange blend of awe and terror never leaves you; in fact I think I will carry it to the grave. Those people leading lives not too different from ours, people who formed some of the greatest civilisations in history only to cease in existence is haunting. Their annihilation serves time and time again as reminders that no matter how mighty a king or his empire, no one escapes death. Continue reading “Memories of an Empire: Museum of Islamic Art”