But you said… (Poem)

But you said

It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just that you resemble her far too much

You said

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Day 20: An unsaid ‘wish’ answered

How romantic! The perfect love story…

I thought,
Reading those enthralling tales of lovers long forgotten
Forgetting God is nearer than the jugular vein & the unsaid prayer on my tongue’s tip
Was granted by the Giver who hears all

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Day 17: Dead leaves

dead leaves, the first signs of change are romanticized far too much

their fiery colours and musical crunch welcome by all

but I hate dead leaves

dead leaves are like dead hearts

dead beats

and dead dreams

dead hopes

of growing into something better and brighter

a vision unfulfilled

a vessel unused

dead leaves are mucky and muddy and mischievous, and as you slip into an easy stride you slip period

dead leaves are exactly that – dead, and one day they too shall leave

Day 5: Lessons learnt from ‘Time’


I’ve been waiting an age. I need you desperately.

Each time a tribulation stands before me, I’m reminded of how incapable my girl shoulders are. My mind wanders to you – no matter how many times I admonish it – wishing you were here to show me the right way and hold me up.

In my dreams, my heart aches. Cheeks wet with warm tears wake me in the middle of the night. Sleep evades me.

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Day 3: ‘Horses’, ghodiya da shonk

Image credit: Souq Jaidah, Qatar
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The evening sun settling into my hair; brown eyes glittering reflections of Kashmiri mountains against the horizon.

Nestled amid valleys of white gold, our small yet cosy home

My own little vegetable patch

Your vehicles of choice lined up outside

Our children’s giggles skipping across and under and over, the kittens, chicks, billy goats scampering around

And horses – two of them

One yours and one mine

That is a prayer I wish to see come true one day.

In sha Allah