7 books that had an impact on me

The lovely Amber over at A PhD in Poetry recently shared her list¬†of ‘7 books that had an impact on me’. I really loved reading the tag so I thought I’d join in (P.S check out her blog/follow her if you don’t already, she’s an insanely talented writer).

I found it very hard to narrow down my choices to just 7 but here they are: Continue reading “7 books that had an impact on me”


Reading Wishlist: September

Ohhkay then. Considering all the crazy events of late, my reading update is non existent unless reading Holes for Y8 counts. So here I am, compiling a list of books I hope to eventually get my hands on.

I want to start by saying: Oldham Library, you’re the flippin’ best. I loved you way before it was ‘cool’ to go to the library, I loved the old you just as much as (or maybe more) than the new you. The pale brickwork and high windows, the torn armchairs, the taking your books to the counter for a librarian to swipe it on the metal scanner – I loved it all. Continue reading “Reading Wishlist: September”