A snapshot of a journey in teaching…

See, ever since I could talk and read and write, I wanted to be a teacher. Everything I did revolved around teaching, and from what little my parents recall about me, I was a bilingual, fluent chatterbox with an overflowing imagination. What better way to channel it all than to teach?

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Ma’a Salama (Goodbye)

‚ÄčAs teachers all around the world will know, sometimes it feels like the world might very well end but the academic year won’t. The days drag on, piles of paperwork continue appearing out of thin air and the only thing propelling you onward is ‘The Last Day’. We spend so much of our careers wishing our time away for the last day of term/year, pining for the distant mirage in an arid desert, that we sometimes forget about the good things experienced during the year.

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My first ‘first’ week at school

I’m gearing up for the first week of school except I’ve already had my first week at school. Confusing? Yep, I know.

The school holidays work differently here because term times revolve around Islamic festivals – alhamdullilah! All staff resumed work with a staggered start: first the senior leadership team, then new starters, and finally the whole school. We were in school for a week without the students; it was sort of like a week of INSET days. Continue reading “My first ‘first’ week at school”