No Justice for Zainab

We live in an age where showing outrage on social media and passing around links for petitions sum up our efforts to affect change. We console ourselves by attending demos or putting photos up on Instagram and Facebook, then sleeping soundly because we have done our bit. And yet here I am, unable to do anything other than to write about it on an online platform. Shall I call it irony or hypocrisy?

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Day 30: Alone

It’s better to be alone than in bad company

but you seem to take it to a new dimension

Infamous for revelling in your menace

you have your cake and eat it too.

You’re bad company, and still they flock to you

Tell me: why must the good suffer?

Day 29: Wedded

When you laugh that hearty laughter with your head knocked back and call me a funny cow.

When you kiss my hands because they cook your favourite food.

When you just know something’s not right within milliseconds of looking at my depressed ‘boothi’ (mug)

When you nurse me back to health (and even when you deliberately wind me up!)

You make me realise:

Zero regrets. The best choice I’ve ever made.